Atlanta International Arbitration Society

The Atlanta International Arbitration Society (AtlAS), is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote Atlanta as the destination of choice in the Americas for resolving international business differences. Made up of practitioners, corporate counsel, judges, law professors, and neutrals, the AtlAS works closely with Atlanta civic leaders and government officials to make resolution of international disputes in Atlanta as easy, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

Members of the AtlAS requested my help creating the online platform for the newly formed group to serve as a method to share information and promote the goals of the society at the recommendation of another client of mine. The group of attorneys and legal professionals had organized much of their thoughts on direction and content and I was tasked with interpreting that plan and presenting it in manner suitable for the legal and corporate industries. From there I began the design process and after a few revisions a design direction was agreed upon and the development began. After I completed the code development and thoroughly tested it, the new site was launched a short time later with the group’s approval.

As a follow-up project I was hired to implement mailing list, registration, payment processing functionality for an upcoming arbitration conference. The first two aspects of that work was completed, and the mailing list administration is on-going for the AtlAS. It’s been a pleasure working with this group of attorneys and I look forward to fulfilling their design needs in the future.

From the Client

Shaw Strothers designed and developed the website and logo for the Atlanta International Arbitration Society (AtlAS). He did the work on time and on budget, and while adding substantial value by infusing his own considerable creative talent and energy into the project, he never diverted from AtlAS’s stated parameters and vision for the website. We were delighted with Shaw’s work and look forward to continuing our relationship with him.

- Glenn H.