Global Power Solutions

Global Power Solutions, Ltd. is dedicated to providing renewable energy products for commercial applications. Their objective is to create products that optimize environmental responsibility, high efficiency energy output, and cost. Global Power Solutions, Ltd. develops site specific configurations of its revolutionary wind turbine design for use on commercial and government buildings.
GPS partnered with me to develop a web presence for their company in preparation for the trade show debut of their Wind Energy System. The goals for the site included: sharing company information, providing product information and specifications, and displaying contact information for building managers to inquire about the Wind Energy System.

I began by learning about the system itself; there’s no better way to internalize the desires of a client than to understand their business case and believe in what they’re offering. Once I had a better understanding of the technology, it was easier to display the information in a way that got across to potential customers. Seeing the product by itself, but also in context installed on a building was as important as how it works, so the focused on this imagery. HTML5, CSS and PHP were used during development to build the site and GPS was thrilled with the completed site.

From the Client

WOW! That is so much nicer than what I ever expected! Honestly – opening the web site this morning has by far been the high point of my week!

- Lisa H.