The wedding website for Shaw and Brandee served as a source of information for friends and family about their wedding in October of 2007. Information about the couple, wedding party, guest accommodations, and the ceremony were provided, along with a way to contact the bride and groom to wish them well. With my fiancée as the client, there was a lot riding on getting this project done right. I already understood the purpose and goals for the site; the key to success was executing the aesthetics well and finishing the job with time to spare so that I could attend to other wedding planning tasks.

Working with the decided upon color palette for the wedding, we quickly settled on an aesthetic direction for the site. Development time was relatively short as well, all hand-coded in XHTML and PHP, with a Javascript image gallery. What little content I couldn’t write myself was supplied by Brandee, and once tested on the server the site launched.

Brandee was happy with the results, and our respective families found the site pleasant and helpful. In the end, it made for one big happy family.

From the Client

Shaw did a great job on the site, despite being busy with other wedding planning activities. My family was quite impressed with the website.

- Brandee L.