Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia

The Sleep Disorders Center of Georgia is a virtual 26-bed freestanding sleep center that has been in operation since 1990. Founded by one of the early pioneers in sleep medicine, James Wellman, MD, ABSM, and his longtime associate, D. Alan Lankford, PhD, ABSM, it is one of the region’s largest sleep centers and was the first freestanding laboratory in Georgia to be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The Sleep Disorders Center was looking for a major overhaul of their existing website and I was brought on to help with the design and development. Major updates to information about the various sleep disorders, the doctors and staff, and research areas were planned and I helped to organize and structure the information in an easy to understand manner.

I walked through the design process with the client and once complete, the XHTML, CSS, PHP and Flash development started. Working with the IT department of the Sleep Disorders Center, we did server testing and launched the new site once everything checked out. With the new site launched and a happy client, we all rested easy.

From the Client

Just wanted to let you know the feedback I’m getting on the site is very positive. Thanks so much for all your work.

- Shani H.