William Harris Designs

A custom florist offering arrangements for weddings, events and everyday occasions, William Harris Designs operates out of Memphis, Tennessee.
William Harris Designs wanted to expand its advertising efforts to the internet, and part of that expansion included a company website. The website was designed to feature samples of client arrangements, provide information about the company’s service offerings, and serve as a point of contact and lead generation.

The design language of the site lent itself to be quite minimal so the floral arrangements could be the star of the show. With that decided, all that remained was the XHTML and CSS development. A little PHP was used to power the contact form on the site, and after some testing the company website was ready for launch. It’s always rewarding helping small companies like William Harris Designs that are ready to grow.

From the Client

Very nicely done! I have enjoyed working with you. I have learned a lot and I look forward to seeing the results the site will bring.